Bergeon 6767F
Price: IDR 500,000

This fine quality steel spring bar tool is designed to last a lifetime. It is the perfect tool for removing spring bars from metal and leather watch bands. The forked end works great for opening spring bars, and the pointed end is just right for pushing out regular watch link pins. The weight, handle knurls, and size make this watch tool ideal for the delicate job of adjusting the size of watch bands or repairing a watch clasp. Each tip is removable and has identical threading making it easy and convenient to change or replace the tips as necessary for repair work.

- 0.80mm pointed end
- 1.30mm fork end
- 5 1/2" overall length
- Durable tips that have the same thread allowing for interchangeability
- The perfect tool for removing spring bars from watches
- Great for working on brand name watches like Citizen, Armani, Guess, and Seiko
- Replacement ends are available, product numbers: 59.0477, and 59.0478
- Larger forked tip available item number 6767-A (Tip only) or 6767 (Tip and Tool)
- Swiss Made

Bergeon 6825 
Price: IDR 3,250,000
Bergeon Replacement Forks for Bracelet Pliers 6825 and 6825-PF ( IDR 350,000 Each)

This tool is made specifically for spring bar pins and help install watch bracelets and bands to a new (or maybe old) watch case. The width of these pliers adjusts to fit bands from 10 mm to 30 mm, and by just turning a screw you can lock the pliers in the specific size you need for your repair. It features two reversible, stainless steel forks to grip the bracelet. There are notches allowing you to position the forks anywhere from 0 to 45º degree angles. Choose from the standard or the fine tips. The standard tips measure 1.30mm wide with 0.33mm point diameter. The fine tips measure 1.10mm wide with 0.23mm point diameter.

- Width adjusts from 10 to 30 mm
- Locks by turning a screw
- Notches for fork position from 0 to 45º degree angles
- Reversible Stainless Steel forks
- Choose from 1.10mm or 1.3mm fork width
- Product size 3.8" X 1.6" X 0.4" Inches (95 X 40 X 9mm)
- Swiss made

Price: IDR 200,000

This watch crystal scratch remover is made by Polywatch. It makes it possible for dull, scratched plastic crystals to shine again. All you need it do is simply apply Polywatch to the watch crystal and then polish the scratched area for 2 to 3 minutes with a cotton cloth. When youre finished the crystal should shine just like new. This tube contains 5 grams which is sufficient for 10-12 uses.

- Removes scratches from plastic watch crystals
- Polish comes with 1 cotton cloth
- Apply the Polywatch and polish for 2-3 minutes
- 5 gram bottle
- Good for 10-12 uses

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